Miss Amy performs at Princeton MarketFair (Jan, Feb and Mar 2005)
You add so much for kids, moms and the stores at Princeton Market Fair!" 
- M. Lee,  Mom/Shopper

Miss Amy's Underwater CD is available at Barnes & Noble, Princeton MarketFair!!

Miss Amy entertains the Boy Scouts of America in Ewing, NJ, February 2004
A splendid time for the boys!" - K. Bausch, Scout Leader


Miss Amy entertains at Failte Coffeehouse in Hopewell, NJ
"Miss Amy always provides a
great show!" - J. Crowell, Failte Owner

This CD is great!  And like most great music, it's even more fun live.  My toddler and I  discovered "Miss Amy" through another friend who was driving 25 minutes to Hopewell with her toddler every Monday to hear Miss Amy sing at Failte.  Now, almost a year later, if you tell my son that it's Monday, he'll immediately jump around yelling, "Let's go hear Miss Amy!"
- S. Krause

In the world of children’s entertainment, Miss Amy is a breath of fresh air. She is talented, energetic, and just plain fun.  Both the kids and the parents can really enjoy the performance.
- H. Wilenius

I can't tell you how great it is to have you in our home.  I will put on your CD and my son will listen to the whole thing.  He really  likes the Three Little Pigs, and when you tell the zoo story ("mommy this place looks like a zoo!!!!)   He is so funny.  Thank you Amy!
- Deb Salvato

Amy is a dynamic children’s performer!  She has a special way of captivating the audience.  Amy’s enthusiasm and warm smile are contagious and before you know it you are clapping and dancing along with her.  She keeps her audience very involved and her style is unique.  Amy is certainly a wonderful addition to the world of children’s performers, as well as a talented music educator.
- B. Lysenko, Kids' MusicRound Director

Miss Amy performs at Hopewell Park on 
July 9, 2004.  Batman and Spiderman join the fun!!