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** Lyrics to Songs are included in the Lesson Plans! **

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Here is where you can come to plan a lesson or program based on categories and themes utilizing the Miss Amy Song Collection index.

This guide is designed to help you create exciting integrative programming that your students and patrons will love! You may access the guide by either selecting a category or a song. Each page will highlight a song, suggestions for use, lyrics for printing, free listening and optional mp3 individual download. 

Each lesson plan includes suggestions for using the song, song lyrics, a free listening link and a link to download the song for use. When using these songs, please mention Miss Amy and tell parents about the website. 


Your Feedback Is Important To Me!

If you have comments or suggestions about my Lesson Plans and/or songs from your classroom or library program experiences, please send them to me!

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Miss Amy sings the National Anthem at
 Operation Dreamlift (above)


“I am so enamored of Miss Amy's lively and infectious children's musical recordings that I've included her in FOUR of my books: Children's Jukebox, Something Musical Happened at the Library, Shake and Shout: Movement and Sound Effects Songs, and Family Storytime 2!" - Rob Reid,  Author & Monthly Columnist for the Children’s Literature Network

"These lesson plans are really good! They will definitely help librarians and teachers save time because everything is in one place. Additionally these lesson plans are adaptable for teachers of various disciplines: art, music, physical education, language arts, social studies, science, etc. and the range of activities provided is diverse enough to relate to all kinds of learners. And - they're FREE!"
Andrea Leanhardt, Children’s Librarian Mercer County NJ

"Miss Amy puts on a program that really focuses on the value of our differences and similarities and provides numerous opportunities for celebration through her music, song, and dance highlighting skills that can be applied through life. Wonderful!"
- Mr. Raymond Broach, Superintendent, Ewing Public Schools, New Jersey

“Music day Monday is our favorite enrichment program because Miss Amy fills our school with wonderful music!” - Dana Petras, Director of Childcare for The Lawrenceville School

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