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Dubbed "The First Lady of Musical Fitness" by the National Children's Entertainment Blog, Miss Amy is THE Kids Rocker/Fitness Guru.  A GRAMMY® Nominated Artist, she also appears on another Nominated project and on a Winning album. Amy also serves as an Official Advocate for the President's Challenge Program encouraging families to stay physically active through her warm engaging manner and positively enriching original music.  Honored to have performed at the White House Egg Roll 2010 Miss Amy has performed Fitness Rock & Roll shows at numerous locations through 2011 and is underway with video productions in 2012 aligned with her mission of improving the lives of children!  

Miss Amy is a singer/songwriter, an accredited music educator and a fitness instructor.  She earned her BBA in Strategic Management at University of North Texas  and her Certificate of Gerontology at Rutgers University.  Additionally, Miss Amy has over 20 years of fitness instruction experience being accredited for Kids & Teen Fitness, Yoga I & II, Pilates, Tai-Chi, Strength Training, Primary Aerobics and Pre/Post Natal Fitness, and she is a certified Youth/Adolescent Fitness Trainer. As an Advocate for the President’s Challenge Program (a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition), Miss Amy encourages families to work toward earning the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award while motivating kids to learn about physical fitness and build healthy habits for life through her interactive Fitness Rock & Roll™ shows.

Miss Amy is a GRAMMY® Nominated Artist for her Fitness Rock & Roll CD (2011) CD.  She is a participant artist on the GRAMMY® Nominated work Healthy Food For Thought:Good Enough To Eat (2010) that also won a Parent's Choice Recommended Award, and on the GRAMMY® Winning All About Bullies Big And Small (2011) album which also won a Parent's Choice Gold Award.  She contributed work to the Wilflower CD (2010) in support of Women in Art in Pennsylvania, and is the recorded artist on the International Baby 101 (English/Japanese/Spanish) project which earned the NAPPA Gold Award in 2004 and the Creative Child Seal Of Excellence Award in 2006. Her I Wanna Know How It Works! song was included in the award-winning, WXPN Kids Corner, 20th Anniversary Celebration CD and ranked #5 for the Kids Corner top 10 songs of 2009.  Miss Amy has been featured in 3 books: Singing; A Practical Guide to Pursuing the Art (The Performing Arts)  (2009) for young adults by Rebecca Friskin, and 2 for children Shake & Shout: 16 Noisy, Lively Story Programs (2008) and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Library (2003) by Rob Reid. 

An active member of the Philadelphia NARAS Chapter, Miss Amy has served on the NJ Partnership For Healthy Kids committee, and volunteers with Musicians On Call at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Each of her CDs has been GRAMMY® catalogued with her 5th entitled CD Fitness Rock & Roll.  Miss Amy was voted Best Children's Performer at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards in 2011.

Throughout her career she has supported various organizations including: The President's Challenge Program, Musician’s on Call, March of Dimes, The United Way, The Sunshine Foundation, Mommy’s Light, Boy Scouts of America, La Leche League, Interfaith Caregivers, Autism Speaks Foundation, Women in Art in Pennsylvania, and the New York Coalition For Healthy School Food.

Reviews/Press Releases:
“The title cut from Miss Amy's recording I Wanna Know How It Works is one of the catchiest children's songs released in the past few years …The full musical sound makes this latest offering by Miss Amy a winner.” - Rob Reid, American Library Association Celebrated Author, Children’s Programming Expert, Teacher, Librarian, Storyteller, November 2008

“The kids loved Miss Amy as much as she loved playing for them!” - Charles Bechtel, Executive Director Walt Whitman Arts Center, Camden, NJ, October 2008

"Miss Amy puts on a fun-filled, energetic show!" - Joe DeLong, Barnes & Noble, Music Manager, Princeton, NJ, September 2008

“Miss Amy is a vivacious and dynamic performer!” - DJ Mickey, Radio Disney, August 2008

“Absolutely Wonderful! Little kids really get her and she really gets little kids” - David Hutchman, Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA, July 2008

“Miss Amy along with friends ‘Uncle’ Richie and Susan Watts lay down wonderful upbeat Big Band style jazzy set of child-friendly songs that lend themselves to hand and body motions. Among the topics covered on the 16 tracks are ‘The Planetary Spin’, ‘Nightlight’ (a tribute to Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin), ‘Weights & Measures’, ‘Amazing Body’, ‘Butterfly Effect’, and more. Other songs are about curiosity and not being afraid to ask questions. Teachers will have fun using these songs in the classroom!“ - Jill Q. Altman, School Library Journal, July 2008 

“Miss Amy's ‘I Wanna Know How It Works’ CD is a fantastic way to light children up about electricity, the planets, the sun, the body, weights and measures, and more generally the pursuit of discovery through science. I'm a science geek and I love the way Miss Amy makes science fun!” - Jennifer Morgan, Author of The Universe Stories, Recipient of the Learning Magazine's Teachers Choice Award and highest review ratings from American Association for the Advancement of Science, April 2008

“I am so enamored of Miss Amy's lively and infectious children's musical recordings that I've included her in FOUR of my books: Children's Jukebox, Something Musical Happened at the Library, Shake and Shout: Movement and Sound Effects songs, and Family Storytime 2!“ - Rob Reid, American Library Association Celebrated Author, Children’s Programming Expert, Teacher, Librarian, Storyteller, January 2008

“Who knew learning could be so much fun! Miss Amy and friends rock the house and deliver great messages with a beat to boot.”  - John Wood, KidzMusic.com, November 2007

“Imaginative kids and their families will enjoy the latest CD from Delaware Valley favorite Miss Amy, so I guess that’s everybody. ‘I Wanna Know How It Works’ is a delightful mix of rock (‘Ever Stop to Wonder?’) and reflection (‘It’s Not Impossible’). ‘Weights and Measures’ is a rhythmic litany that ‘makes you wonder how big is a whisper’ and rhymes ‘deciliter’ with ‘Lovely Rita meter maid.’ ‘Amazing Body’ challenges us to ‘swing as high as Venus Williams,’ getting us moving at any age..” - Kathy O'Connell, MetroKids & Host and Co-Producer "Kids Corner" WXPN-FM Philadelphia (Note: Title Track is included in WXPN’s Kids Corner 20th Anniversary CD Feb 2008), November 2007

"International Baby 101" - DVD 2003
"Underwater" - CD 2004
"Wide Wide World" - CD 2005
"My Precious One" - CD 2006
"I Wanna Know How It Works!" - CD 2007
"WXPN Kids Corner  20th Anniversary" - Compilation CD 2008
"Wildflower" - Compilation CD 2010
"Healthy Food For Thought" - Compilation CD 2010
"Fitness Rock & Roll" - CD 2010
"All About Bullies Big And Small" - Compilation CD 2011